What is Reiki

Our bodies have the tremendous capacity to heal themselves when we are able to feel balanced and at ease. However, this is often difficult to achieve when we live in a constant, reactive, "fight-or-flight" and stressful environment.

Reiki is the Japanese Art of Healing; a non-invasive, soothing and holistic approach to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. Reiki treats the root cause of "dis-ease" and imbalance.

Through a series of (non-touch) hand placements the Reiki practitioner channels healing Reiki. Clients draw in healing Reiki energy from the Practitioner's hands.

When we experience the deep relaxation of Reiki, our cells have the innate ability to regenerate, revitalize and heal themselves.

I invite you to experience the relaxing and restorative power of Reiki.