I had an amazing Reiki healing experience by Allison. Prior to her beginning the session she thoroughly explained what I may experience and she already had notes and pulled an Oracle card for me to be revealed afterwards.

After the session I felt so relaxed and peaceful. Allison explained in detail the images and messages she received and she was bang on. She mentioned right wrist and finger pain and I have experienced those pains. I resonated with the message from the card she pulled for me and it was fitting for what I am going through in my life now. I also had a deep, restful sleep that night.

Allison is truly a gifted Reiki Healer and I highly recommend her. Thanks again Allison

~B. Smith - Harmonize with Crystal Reiki

I have had a reiki reading done. It was a very calming, meditative experience. What I was feeling and my emotions were read accurately. I was very pleased with my experience. It is not something I have done before but I would definitely be up to having another session. Thank you for the calming and meditation 

~M. Wood